Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dirt Jumps

So I got the call from Geritt at Morewood Bikes that it was finally time to build some jumps. He told me he had a machine on their property and had managed to make a huge mess and needed some help. Well in the end they turned out a little bigger than we had planned, but that isn't always a bad thing. The wood is because they got a little over watered and we just couldn't wait to try them. Another few days and it should be all dirt. Here's the vids

And a little perspective, the center of the jumps aren't even full depth and I am actually on a low jump through the section here.

So by the end of the day we ended up hitting the 3rd set. Took a little work to get the landing good but it is now by far the most fun jump. The best part is this is only the begining!!!

the long drive cross country

the long drive cross country
somwhere in Utah