Thursday, April 16, 2009

The "Rough" Life

Thought I would show you guys the view from Curtis' balcony. It's pretty rough out here, Sunny and 70 degrees.


Kiwi69 said...

Tough life you have!!! Nice to have well located friends! Place for you here in Vienna if you ever come to Europe...

The GreenSpeed Project said...

Chris - you and I met last year at SolVista after the twilight DS battle you had with Lopes. Our conversation left a lasting impression of you as an athlete and a professional.

Can you drop me a line when you get a moment? I'd like to get an idea of what your schedule looks like, what your sposnorship commitments are, etc. There's a purpose to this, but would rather speak/type privately if possible.

Mike McCormack

Adams Family said...

Hey Chris,
Looks like life is treating you well. Your email address has disappeared from my contact list so I hoping to catch you here. I wanted to talk to you about Snowshoe and hopefully setting up another riding session with you. Would you please contact me at I hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy your "rough life".

Ellen Adams

the long drive cross country

the long drive cross country
somwhere in Utah